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Leaving The Tri-Cities: Guide to KELOWNA (Part 3: Wineries and Farms)

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


My #1 tip for an enjoyable winery experience with kids is to start at a park or somewhere they can run around and burn off energy, then go to 1 or 2 wineries and give them lunch or snacks while you sip. If needed, the promise of for good behavior after the wine tasting never hurts. Ideally they may even fall asleep on the drive home.

South Kelowna

Nearby activities: Bella Vista Park, Renting bikes and exploring the Myra Canyon Trestle Trails, Mission Creek Bike Skills Park, Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure

House of Rose (South Kelowna): This is a HIDDEN GEM and my top choice for a winery to visit with kids, especially kids under 5. I absolutely loved this winery when I visited last summer with 6 adults and 4 kids. It isn't one of the big tourist spots, so it was really quiet and the customer service and great (affordable) wine was a big hit. I left with many bottles! What makes this spot so perfect for kids is the huge shady yard with toys out front - AND they gave our kids freezies while we tasted the wine. This is the top winery I'd recommend if you're got kids in tow.

  • Open daily 10-6

  • Outdoor picnic area (no reservations, social distancing)

  • You can bring your own food, or purchase a block of cheese and crackers for $10 to go with your wine.

  • Wine, beer & non-alcoholic beverages available for sale

  • Dogs welcome (leashed)

  • Stand out wines: Grapes with Benefits (sweet patio friendly white $16), Rose-EH! (Foch and Chardonnay, off-dry with notes of strawberry $17), Hot Flash (red blend, Foch and Syrah, $19), Winter White (desert wine $26) & Vintage Okanagan Tawny ($26). Basically I liked EVERYTHING I tried.

  • Kids get freezies

  • Shady play area (under normal circumstances there are toys but they've been put away temporarily).

  • Kids and adults can do a self-guided tour of the vines

  • Quiet!

  • Affordable wine - seriously it's one of the few places you can get wine this good for under $20 and some of the most affordable desert wines I've seen

  • Thanks House of Rose for e-mailing me these photos!

Sperling Vineyards (South Kelowna) This is another great wineries for kids. They have a playground and shady picnic tables.

  • Hours

  • Wines range from $25-$40

  • Outdoor tastings

  • Reservations recommended

  • Open Monday - Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

  • Picnic Area & Heritage Room Open Daily 12-5 pm

  • Bring your own lunch

Summerhill Pyramid Winery (South Kelowna): This windery is pretty popular with tourists. When I visited last summer I noticed lots of great things for kids including a teeter totter and a homemade mini-golf hole. I've heard that when kids accompany their parents they get a glass of organic apple juice in a little wine glass, which is pretty cute.

Wiseacre Farm Distillery: Ok technically, this isn't a winery. They make gin (and vodka)! This is an adorable little picturesque farm nestled in the woods with tons of animals you can say hello to before your tasting. Rumor has it they make fantastic cocktails. By appointment only.

West Kelowna

Nearby activities: Safari Ridge Adventure Park (low impact paintball ages 7-12), Willow Beach (washrooms and concession stand), Kids Care Spray Park, Gellatly Bay (popular beach with the free Zipline into the water), Pritchard Park (quiet beach with dock, playground and washrooms), Paynter's Fruit Market (ice cream!)

The Hatch (West Kelowna): This winery has tons of personality. They have a great outdoor area and a small play structure for kids.

Off The Grid (West Kelowna) One word: GOATS! This winery is all-organic and you can pet goats! There are turkeys too, but maybe don't pet the,. They often have food trucks on site and be sure to stop at Paynter's Market on the way to pick up fruit and ice cream!

Frind Estate Winery (West Kelowna) This winery is pretty new, it was opened by Marcus Frind - the founder of PlentyOfFish. This winery has a huge outdoor space, picnic tables, and is right on the water and has a dock. Also they have a restaurant: Annie's café and lounge which has great kid friendly options like sandwiches (Annie is Marcus' wife). Be sure to ask about their Pinecone logo if you go, it's a very cute story. My favouite wines from this great winery are their 2018 Chardonnay ($28) and Pinot Noir ($29).

Ciao Bella Winery (West Kelowna) This was another great quiet gem. We loved sitting in the shade in garden while the kids enjoyed packed sandwiches we'd brought from home. They even had smal chairs and tables for kids!

Lake Country

Nearby activities: Pelmewash Parkway, Kangaroo Creek Farm, Beasley-Park Beach, Coral Beach, Kopje Regional Park, Kaloya Park,

Arrowleaf Cellars (Lake Country) This winery has a great outdoor area with a grass field, picnic tables and wonderful views. Your kids will love it because they have delicious baked goods - they are known for their cream puffs (served every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to sold out, which normally happens at 3 pm).

Blind Tiger Vineyards (Lake Country) You will love it because: wine slushies and outoor picnic tables. Your kids will love it because: they can visit chickens, drink lemonade and eat pizza.

Ancient Hill Winery (just south of Lake Country): This affordable, family-owned winery is a great spot to sit outside and watch the airplanes coming in and out of the Kelowna airport. You can bring a snack or buy cheese and crackers from the wine shop. This winery is very close to th the Kangaroo Farm.


Davison Orchards (Vernon) Tractor tours, animal barn, kids play area and farmhouse cafe.

Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure (South Kelowna) Feed ponies, baby lambs, goats, ducks, and enjoy holding baby chicks, chickens, and bunnies!. Hedge maze, farm market, ice cream, cold drinks, snacks, and fresh farm produce and lots of spots to enjoy a family picnic.

Carmelis Goat Cheese (South Kelowna) A family run goat cheese farm that also has fresh gelato - and goats of course!

Janzen Garlic Acres (Southeast Kelowna) garlic, feed barnyard animals, play in the sand and wagon rides.

Okanagan Stables (Lake Country) Horseback riding!

Prairie Folk Farmery (Lake Country) Part farm, part playground. Try the giant jumper, visit the chickens, enjoy a shaved ice, get some fresh fudge and have a picnic.

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